Saturday, October 8, 2016

Book Review: A Refuge at Highland Hall, by Carrie Turansky

 What I loved:
     Ms. Turansky did it again!  I did not think that anything could top her first two books (reviews coming soon!), but A Refuge of Highland Hall did. When I stated in my review of Against the Tide that it was my absolute favorite book, I was definitely not remembering Carrie's Edwardian Brides series.  All of the books in this series are a VERY close second! I love it when authors include characters from previous books, and I was fangirling the entire time I was reading.  Alex and Penny were the cutest couple, and I found myself cheering for them, and also laughing and crying at their successes and failures.  It was very interesting to read about the RNAS and other defense methods during WWI,  and I appreciated Ms. Turansky's gentle and nonviolent writing style. 

The two things I didn't like about this book: 1) It wasn't long enough! and 2) IT WAS THE LAST BOOK IN THE SERIES! They really should make movies out of these books, y'all!

Concerning Content:  Really, none.  A little bit of violence and a few non-detailed kisses, but really that was it!

Conclusion and my rating:  I would recommend this book to absolutely anyone aged 12 and up!  It was that good! 5 STARS!!!

See y'all soon with another review, and stay safe everyone who evacuated for Hurricane Matthew

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