Sunday, September 11, 2016

Book Review: An Ocean Away by Lisa Harris

Book Summary:
"Lizzie MacTavis is determined to remain in Southern Africa, serving the people who live along the banks of the rugged Zambezi River. But Andrew Styles has been commissioned to bring her back to New York City at any cost- an assignment he predicts will be easy....until he meets Lizzie. With a personal fortune at stake and a tribal war brewing, Lizzie is caught between two worlds.  And the striking Mr. Styles isn't making her decision any easier.  Danger threatens her life both in Africa and an ocean away.  Will Andrew prove to be Lizzie's nemesis or hero?"

An Ocean Away had the ability to take me from my bedroom to the wilds of Africa and to the life of a female missionary in the 1920's.  Any book that can do that is a great book to me!  While Andrew and Lizzie's relationship moved very slowly, even painfully at times, it was worth it to see how everything turned out in the end.  Lizzie was a headstrong character who actually reminded me a lot of myself....I think that's why I liked the book so much.  Despite her doubts about leaving the tribe members in Africa, many of whom she brought to the Lord, she decided to do what was best for herself.  I was having sympathy pains for Lizzie the entire time she was adjusting to New York!  I can't even imagine the culture shock!  Especially during the 1920's, when women's liberation movements were making their way across the United States. As for Mr.Styles, I didn't really like his arrogant attitude at first, but his devotion to Lizzie and determination to keep her safe won me over in the end.  In all, An Ocean Away was a great read for girls ages 13 and up who are interested in missionary work and early 1900's society. 

See y'all soon with another review!

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